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05/11/2009 Nouvelle-Zélande | 2 articles | 2 photos |

The (still) Great NZ Trip By Tinmar

The Great Trip By Tinmar - deluxe edition - evenmore better, evenmore amazing, even more even more!

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28/11/2009 | napier | 0 commentaire

Beginning Once More!

Hey hey thats the beginning of my brand new blog on tripper tips a really cool site especially for traveling blogs! Thanks to Noe who showed me this site!
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03/12/2009 | | 2 commentaires

Test test one two

Hey so thats good cause the photos are bigger, you also got a map of all the places ive been and re-been, that would please some (isnt it dad?)

But theres also adverts and i cant ''Tune'' my blog as i can on the other but its your choice, all the comments are welcomed!
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  • Par sur Test test one two

    Yop!bon l'ambiance est moin stylé ke lotre(du vert partout et tout)mais sinon pour la carte et les photo c bien stylé celui la!

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